2013 Base Design

2014 Base Design

2015 Base Design

2016 Base Design

2017 Base Design

In our second season, in addition to base (paper) cards, we started making some parallels, Inserts, and foils.

Some of our first attempts at superfractors and similar cards, were sold as proofs.


2014 also brought us the "woodcut" parallel, one of the most popular paralells we have created.

We also released the Clubhouse insert, a tobacco style subset, and a Bubblegum set.



2015 brought a more modern set, with a drop of throwback.

The metalic gold border was a tribute to cards of the 1910-1930s when printing was a true art.


Many Inserts and subsets and parallels were designed. And the idea of custom art cards really grew.

In the current design, we went back to the wood border. This also means we bring back the "woodcut" parallel.


We have a few new Inserts such as "Under the Lights" and "misprints" ... with a few more on their way.


2017 also begins the Certified Collection.

Certified are only available on and are of the highest quality. Each card also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity!

It all started in 2013, when rookie phenom Yasiel Puig  was called up to the Majors.

He was in such demand, and since there were no manufactured cards of him, we designed a few for our friends.
They were so popular, that we made a few more and sold them to a select group of collectors as 1/1 art pieces.


Only a small number of card were made in 2013, and they are very tough to find, as most went into personal collections, and very rarely hit the market.

2016 went to a "no logo" design. Not even the One Star logo was used on the card front.

The idea was a protest against trading card monopolies.

There were 4 "name bar" variants of each card, Black, Yellow, Mgenta, and Cyan.

2018 Base Design

2018 brings the color ... color edge photos !!

Base cards have the vintage sepia edge, while the variations add Blue, Red, and Purple edge.

A fun set to collect, and with foilboard refractors ... you can acquire the entire rainbow !

2016 Buybacks

Bubblegum Relic 1/1

Waxpack Relic 1/1

Checklist Relic 1/1

Base Buyback 1/1

The 2016 One Star buybacks was born of a thought to bring back that excitement of opening a wax pack, popping the stick of gum in your mouth, and feeling the way you did when you were a kid. The outcome was art, with some emotion attached.

 Base cards were curated, and only the best were selected. They were stamped with a One Star commemorative stamp, and randomly inserted in to packs. Relics were made from actual production cards, and actual relics (wax packs, bubble gum, checklists) from original "Junk Wax" era packs.


2017 Buybacks

Bubblegum Relic 1/1

Waxpack Relic 1/1

Remix Refractor 1/1

Remix Hyperfractor 1/1

The 2017 buybacks built upon the 2016 sucesses ... with some awesome new additions!

Remix Refractos were added ! These are ORIGINAL production cards, laminated with a refractor layer.

Remix Hyperfractors were also added, and these are extremely tough to find ... only the coolest cards were turned into hyperfractors!